Prof. Tarek A. Gawad

Director of Treatment and Rehabilitation

Prof. Gawad is currently holding the position of Director of Treatment and Rehabilitation at the National rehabilitation centre of Abu Dhabi. He is a Professor of Psychiatry at Cairo University, Cairo Egypt.
He graduated in 1981 from the Faculty of Medicine at Cairo University where he received his M.B. BCh ; Master degree in Psychological Medicine and Neurology (1985) ; MD Psychiatry (1991) and a Diploma in Addiction Behaviour from the Institute of Psychiatry, London University (1987) .
Since his graduation, he was appointed as staff member at the department of Psychiatry Faculty of Medicine at Cairo university, where he is still holding his position as professor since 2001.
He served as the past President of the International Society of Addiction Medicine (ISAM) as well as the past Chair of the World Psychiatric Association Section of Addiction Psychiatry (WPA).
He participated and published numerous research covering a wide array of psychiatric subjects; notably in addiction. His primarily interested in comorbidy studies and developing addiction psychiatric services. He is the Co-PI of the Fogarty grant of Addiction Research between Cairo university and UCLA since 2012.
His goal is to achieve well-established scientifically-based centres in drug addiction with a suitable network, both regionally and internationally.