Are We Erroneous ?

Addiction is described by psychiatrists as a disease which affect people like any other disease. It has its causes and different treatment methods.

If we agree that addiction is, in fact, a disease why do we then look upon an addiction patient as an outlaw which should not be approached? Why do we deny this person his basic rights such as getting a job which provides him a decent living? Why do we deny him the right to get married and the blessing of forming a family which looks after him and makes him feel a sense of responsibility? I am not talking here about providing employment for a patient who is still using drugs nor am I asking to marry an individual who is not capable of differentiating between right and wrong. I am talking about a person who once was an addict due to special circumstances but has now recovered and has become capable of forming a family and working hard to rebuild himself once again.

Why do we not blame an individual with a family who care less about his health by smoking and eating beyond his needs? When this individual reaches his 40s ailment starts to catch up with him and visits to hospitals follow. He might even succumb and leave his dependents behind in desperate need for him.

Would it not be more appropriate to restrict this individual who through his irresponsible behavior has put an entire family on harm’s way? Why an individual who approaches a family with the view of marrying their daughter is not asked how is his driving? About his motoring convictions? Because if he is like nowadays’ s youngsters he will put his and spouse’s life in harm’s way. She might be widowed days after getting married. I leave you with the motoring accident stats to provide you with a picture of the state of affairs.

The addict is led by special circumstances which he might have no control over such as lack of monitoring, family disintegration and bank loans. All these threw him in the path of addiction. He might also be partially to blame but this does not mean we should leave him to face the challenges of life alone because simply he will not be able to; and will eventually drown in the spiral addiction.

It is our duty to provide a helping hand to this individual in the wake of his recovery from addiction and this can be in the form of helping him find a suitable employment and form a happy family. Studies have shown that a recovered addict will not seek to go back to addiction if the right environment is provided for him. It will not therefore be wise to leave him face life by himself and we would all then have to bear the brunt of such a decision.