NRC Organizational Structure

The new Centre’s organogram was approved in 2018 to mirror its ambitious vision in terms of excellence and leadership in the field of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation from addiction; in addition to fulfilling a number of strategic service-providing initiatives and projects through specialized administrative units as well a setting up new specializations and jobs which contribute in developing national human capacity






The Board of Directors role is to set the overall policy of the centre and supports it in achieving its future strategic goals as the NRC’s Board members are considered as strategic and vital partners for the centre.

Duties and specialization :
  • Discussion and ratification the NRC’s overall Strategic Plan.
  • Ratification of the Organizational Structure, staff appointment and end-of-service decisions.
  • Study and ratification of the Annual Report which deals with the centres achievements statistics at the end of each year.

It aims at guiding and managing a comprehensive internal audit programme in the centre to guarantee a review of internal monitoring systems with the view of ascertaining the credibility and integrity of all (financial, operational and IT) activities.

Duties and specialization :
  • Determines, analyses and assesses risk areas facing the centre.
  • Guarantees the quality, quantity and accuracy of centre’s financial reports.
  • Reviews IT systems in order to ascertain the safety and security of IT infrastructures.

The Director General is the centre’s official representative and watches over the smooth running of work in a manner which guarantees achieving future goals, ensures getting the necessary resources which enable attaining those goals.

Duties and specialization :
  • Builds up the centre’s strategic partnerships and maintain them.
  • Monitors the centre strategic and financial performances and juxtapose them to the set goals.
  • Manages work at the centre in accordance to the applicable legislations.

It manages and organizes all Director General-related tasks in addition to the management and monitoring legal affairs in centre which includes review of regulations, decisions, signed contracts, legal reports and other documents.

Duties and specialization :
  • Provides the necessary clerical support to the centre’s Director General.
  • Provides legal consultancy and put forward operational political improvements in accordance to the applicable laws of the country.

They are specialized working groups set up by the centre’s senior management in order to put in place operations and procedures which in turn will constitute a monitoring mechanism at the centre which will enable setting up responsibilities, rights and relations between all categories. The aim is to convert the centre’s visions to goals which are attained competently and efficiently.

Duties and specialization :
  • Strengthen monitoring and control through the establishment of different operations, mechanisms and policies which enable disclosure, transparency and communication with stakeholders and professional partners.
  • Develop the centre’s links with all internal and external partners to organized and transparent ones.
  • Guarantee attaining sufficient readily available and accessible corporate information.
  • Increase efficiency of communication and set the links with the parties which formulate the administrative process such as the Board of Directors, executive directors and partners.

It aims at managing the centre’s Strategic Plan and ensures its alignment with the Abu Dhabi Plan, in addition to ensuring that all administration are committed and support the national and international quality and excellence standards.

Duties and specialization :
  • Ensures appropriate setting and execution of the NRC’s Strategic Plan.
  • Promotes the Centre’s vision, message, its principles, goals and priorities and efficiently disseminate them amongst staff and parties concerned.
  • Ensures the best quality and excellence practices (national and international) are being utilized.

Aims at managing projects to ensure that the centre’s administrations are committed to the implementation the adopted standards in the field of project management through planning, setting up budgets and timetables in a manner that guarantees the fulfillment of the strategic initiatives and continuation in their implementation.

Duties and specialization :
  • Prepare initiative project plans for other administrations in order to support the centre and stir it towards fulfilling the desired vision.
  • Prepare budgets for required projects and set up project quality standards and ensure adherence to those standards.

Provides support to all administrations and sections in what relates to human resources, finance, IT, maintenance and procurement activities.

Duties and specialization :
  • Implementation of human resources policies and procedures and performance management assessment operations.
  • Planning, implementation and follow up of all business information systems and infrastructure.
  • Planning and implementation procurement and contracting activities as well as the management of supplier selection.
  • Prepare the centre’s general annual budget in coordination with other administrations and sections as well as handing in periodic financial reports.
  • Liaise and coordinate with service providers (cleaning, security) and follow up maintenance works.

It aims at contributing to the reduction of the burden of addiction through activating prevention and awareness raising programmes for all categories of society. The administration also seeks to surveil and observe development of addiction in coordination with partners and stakeholders. In addition, it aims to put to practice addiction science-related scientific and research studies and activate contacts with all concerned parties through useful social events and activities.

Duties and specialization :
  • Enhances and promulgates awareness about dangers of addiction to alcohol and drugs through preparation and application of prevention programmes which serves all categories in society.
  • Set different communication plans to reach all categories of society concerned and collaborate with different media outlets in order to raise awareness about the selected themes.
  • Determines the volume of addiction problem in the country through disease monitoring data in collaboration with the concerned parties and put forward addiction-related policies.
  • Supports, develops and puts into practice addiction-related studies and scientific research in addition to carrying out an assessment of the effectiveness of the treatment and rehabilitation programme.

Provides comprehensive care services to patients in in and out-patient facilities provided by an expert medical team of psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers.

Duties and specialization :
  • Management of daily treatment and rehabilitation operations provided within the centre by its different sections: psychiatry, psychology and social services.
  • Plays a pivotal role in setting up counselling principles for clinical and medical department and liaise between in and out-patient services.
  • In charge of setting up the operational structure under which it is judged for the continuous quality improvement and ascertain that the best standards of care are implemented through the provision of an environment which allows achievement of excellence in the clinical services.

Aims at providing a helping hand to the multi-disciplinary medical team through daily follow up of patients in order to make sure that the treatment plans are running smoothly.

Duties and specialization :
  • Cooperate with psychiatrists, psychologists, general practitioners and specialists.
  • Ascertain there is an appropriate drug management including injections, follow up of treatment outcomes and patient records.
  • Provides support and follow up patients.

Provide support for the medical and nursing teams by making treatment drug available for patients in different treatment sections, carry out laboratory analysis and checkups to ensure effective diagnosis and manage patients’ records.

Duties and specialization :
  • Ensure drugs are kept well, prepared, distributed amongst patients and provide details about the drugs to patients and staff in the in-patient department and the out-patient clinic.
  • Carries out the complex blood group analysis, its fluids and tissues in addition to different tests which help in the diagnosis and treatment of patients.
  • Encourage patients to adopt a healthy eating habit.
  • Maintain detailed records of the patient’s history, his/her diagnosis and treatment.
  • Determine and maintain the provided tools and material considered worthy for the centre and its facilities in order to improve health.

Manages patients internal affairs by providing their daily needs and external ones through liaising with other different referring authorities. It also aims at consolidating relations with partners to unify efforts in matters related to the reintegration of recovering patients back in society and management of departments licensing and accreditation according to the regulations.

Duties and specialization :
  • Prepare and develop aftercare programmes for recovering patients and rehabilitate them for training and employment programmes in collaboration with partners and concerned parties.
  • Management of patients affairs through collaboration with different referral authorities, welcome patients, arrange their appointments, family visits… etc.
  • Provide the patients’ necessary needs during their stay in the centre.
  • Daily and continuous follow up of patients and ensure they are benefiting from the internal training and rehabilitation programme.
  • Ensures safety security of patients in all treatment facilities.