The National Rehabilitation Center ‘NRC’ was established upon the insightful directives of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan in 2002 to serve and provide a glimpse of hope for all drug addicts.

NRC endeavors to develop its services to better cater for the community needs following the latest scientific methods of drug addiction treatment. It also increased its capacity to accommodate the increasing referrals following Khalifa Medical City launch. Moreover, it opened two new units for adult and female addicts.

In a few years, NRC was able to establish partnerships with medically and scientifically renowned local and international organization including US Maclean University Hospital, UAE University, UK King’s University, UN Office on Drug & Crime and World Health Organization ‘WHO’.

NRC pays much heed to education as a preemptive tool; it launched several initiatives to educate community on drug detriments and preventive measures. In this regard, NRC entered into cooperation agreements with Abu Dhabi Education Council ‘ADEC’ and Emirates National Schools ‘ENS’ to implement ‘Fawasel’ Program - one of the most effective drug prevention programs in the world. It also conducted many awareness-raising events the last of which was “Stay with us; Your Life is Trustworthy to us” which was a great success and widely embraced by all community segments.

Recently, NRC has established a specialized institute to train and educate people working in addiction and clinical practices and it held some specialized training courses. NRC also conducted several academic addiction-related researches and studies most of which were discussed in local and international conferences. Finally, NRC conducts UAE-cross surveys to collect data on drug addiction, the findings are usually analyzed and relative recommendations are derived to minimize drug impacts in UAE.