Vision, Mission and Values


A world-class and leading center providing addiction prevention, treatment and rehab services.


NRC seeks to provide world-class services of addiction prevention, treatment and rehab that meet the requirements of all community segments with respect to local values and culture. To deliver on its mission, NRC will:

  • Provide comprehensive and specialized treatment programs
  • Design and develop scientific prevention programs based on addiction reasons specific to each age group
  • Cooperate with private and public stakeholders to promote awareness, reinforce relative legislation's and provide rehab programs
  • Build local capabilities and implement international best practices in addiction therapy, and
  • Minimize addiction pathological consequences socially and economically


Respect: Addicts need to be shown respect; it is essential to reinforce post-recovery results including good citizenship; namely, respect of one’s duties and awareness of rights as an active member in the community.

Confidentiality: Patients’ details are strictly maintained confidential to eliminate addicts’ fear of prosecution and social embarrassment preventing them from pursuing treatment.

Sympathy: Addicts usually suffer from physical, emotional and social damages; therefore, it is essential to approach them with a sympathetic and caring attitude to minimize their vulnerability to social stigma.

Community Service: With our key role of addiction prevention and treatment, we seek to reduce addiction pathological consequences and subsequent detriments on the individual, family and community. This is how our mandate of community service is best delivered.

Quality: Is a key pillar of our business; it is well manifested in the rehab, therapy and training services we provide in accordance with international standards; it is also clear in our adoption of scientifically proven addiction treatments.