Journal Club

The Scientific Club was established in May 2015 with the view of putting forward and debating the most important scientific issues related to drugs and addiction in addition to tooling the NRC’s staff with the latest scientific developments in the field. During these regular sessions, which are held fortnightly, a drug and addiction issues-related topic is analyzed and put forward either from a treatment or prevention standpoint.

The subject is, thus, discussed attempts will be made to exploit how, in the light of these discussions, services provided by the centre can be improved. It is worthy to note that the scientific presentations given during these sessions have been granted the status of learning hours from HAAD.

Journal Club Schedule

Tuesday 13/01/2015 Dr. Hamad Al Ghaferi Characteristics of Clinical population of Substances Misusers in Jordan
Tuesday 27/01/2015 Dr. Ahmed ELKashef Medications for Alcohol use disorders
Tuesday 17/02/2015 Dr. Mohamed Sayed How was this story told in the mother tongue? An integrative perspective
Tuesday 24/02/2015 Dr. Tarek Gawad Assessing the effectiveness of drug courts on recidivism. A meta-analytic review of traditional and non-traditional drug courts
Tuesday 07/04/2015 Dr. Hilal Alkatheeri Depression and Aggression in Adolescents
Tuesday 05/05/2015 Dr. Sami Abdulkawi Executive dysfunctions in Substance Use Disorders, and its Clinical Implications
Tuesday 02/06/2015 Dr. Hisham Al Arabi The European psychiatric association guidance on suicide treatment and prevention
Tuesday 16/06/2015 Dr. Mansour Shawky Fish Oil in psychiatric disorders
Tuesday 12/01/2016 Dr. Mohamed Sayed Mental Health Services in the UAE
Tuesday 23/02/2016 Dr. Tarek Gawad Marijuana Use & Risk of Lung Cancer: A 40-year cohort study
Tuesday 08/03/2016 Dr. Ahmed Yousif Personality & Personality Disorders: Evolutionary Entrances and Exits
Tuesday 31/05/2016 Dr. Anas Mohamed Prescription Drugs of Abuse
Tuesday 28/06/2016 Dr. Abuelgasim Drugs and Alcohol (an overview of addiction)
Wednesday 20/12/2017 Dr. Sami Abdulkawi Cognitive Impairment Profiles in Drug Dependence
Wednesday 20/12/2017 Dr. Doaa Radwan Detoxification (substance abuse in acute settings: detoxification process)