Medical Team

The National Rehabilitation Center realized from the very beginning that it could not deliver on its mission unless it is manned wit staff of high caliber. Therefore, it exerted great efforts to attract best-in-class medical and administrative experts. It also provided orientation and training world-class programs to other staff. The efforts paid off and the largest center specialized in drug addict treatment and rehabilitation in the region was created.

Prof. Tarek A. Gawad

Director of Treatment and Rehabilitation

Prof. Gawad is currently holding the position of Director of Trea

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Dr. Ahmed Yousif Ali

Head, Psychiatry Department

Dr. Ali is a consultant Psychiatrist and Head of Psychiatry Secti

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Dr. Mohamed A. Sayed

Professor of Psychology

Dr. Mohamed Sayed is a graduate of Howard University in Washingto

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Dr. Mansour M. Shawky

Consultant Psychiatrist

Following his graduation with Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine from

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Prof. Sami Abdulkawi

Senior Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Before joining the NRC in 2011, Professor Sami A Ahmed has previo

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Dr. Abuelgasim Elrasheed

Laboratory Supervisor

Dr Elrasheed Joined the National Rehabilitation Center, Abu Dhabi

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Dr. Ali Al Marzoki

Director of Public Health

A physician and a holder of two masters degrees with more than 15

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Dr. Mansour Assaf

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr. Assaf has joined the National Rehabilitation Center in 2016

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Dr. Mohamed Thiyab

Consultant psychiatrist

Dr. Mohamed Thiyab Al Karkhi is working as consultant psychiatris

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Dr. Samya Al Mamari

Mrs. Samya Al Mamari has a Bachelors of Science in Nursing from S

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Dr Shamil Wanigaratne

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Dr Shamil Wanigaratne is Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Sen

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Dr. Asma A. Alawadhi

laboratory Manager

Dr Asma Alawadhi, graduated as a medical Physician (MD) from Kuwa

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