Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to email us at  or call our free support line 8002252.

A: Treatment at the NRC is free of charge for UAE nationals. Those who looking for treatment from non-citizens there are financial charges.

A: No communication is permitted in the in-patient department during the initial phase of the treatment – detox phase –but during the rehabilitation phase patients are allowed to call and receive calls through the centre’s switchboard. Mobile phones or any other telecommunication devices are not allowed.

A: The use of any electronic devices such as computers, laptops, iPad, iPod or MP3 player is prohibited. Patients can use the computers available at the NRC during the set times only.

A: The NRC provides three meals a day for all patients under a supervision of a nutritionist.

A: Yes, the Centre provides this service to all patients free of charge.

A: Smoking is a very harmful habit that could cause serious Diseases. The NRC operates a strict no smoking policy throughout Centre’s facilities. However, there are specific designated smoking areas available in the center.

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A: The working hours at the NRC are from 07:30 to 15:30 Sunday to Thursday. The outpatient clinic is open until 7:00 pm on Sunday, Thursday and Wednesday.

A: We prefer that patient book an appointment before coming to the NRC. Coming for Treatment without a scheduled appointment could result in patients waiting for a long Time. While our medical team will do their best to see all patients, we can’t guarantee seeing patients without appointment.

A: The NRC provides a range of treatment programmes. The most suitable programme for the patient is opted for by the treatment team based on the case and the state of health.

A: The NRC does not deal with emergency or overdose cases. In such cases patients must head to accidents and emergency departments in general hospitals to receive the necessary treatment.

A: treatment can be sought by contacting the NRC through Toll-free: 8002252. Or any other channels of communication mentioned above. Once the appointment is set we urge patients to attend half an hour prior to time to allow for reception and registration procedures to take place and to avoid being late to the appointment. We will be grateful for presenting an identification document such as The National Identity card, passport or driving license. Patients are also requested to provide their health card “thiqa” in order to facilitate transferring them to other treatment facilities in case of an emergency (sudden illness or prior appointment).

A: Confidentiality is one of the paramount principles at the NRC. The NRC does not divulge the identity of patients to any other party. Patients’ information is only accessible by the NRC’s staff linked to treatment programme.

A: Addiction is considered a chronic disease which can be treated. There are a multitude of factors which determine the patient’s susceptibility to treatment such as the age of first use, type of drugs used, number of years using drugs, other co-occurring psychiatric diseases amongst others. With the development of science, there are numerous treatment programmes which proved to be efficient in treating addiction.